ROSSLYN, SOUTH AFRICA (October 28, 2019) Datsun is working to put more South Africans behind the wheel. As a part of this, the vehicle manufacturer partnered with two young professionals and supported them as they received their driver’s licenses.

Last year, Datsun introduced South Africa to Mpumi Nkosi at the launch of its all-new Datsun GO. Like millions of young professionals around the country, Mpumi relies on public transport to get around.

She uses taxis and e-hailing services to commute between Soweto, where she lives, Sandton, where she works, and – until recently – the Tshwane University of Technology, where she completed her BTech in Journalism. Her friend Phindile Xaba, follows a similar route and combines her work in Johannesburg with part-time studies in education at the University of South Africa in Pretoria.

In participating in the Datsun GO launch, Mpumi calculated that for just R500 more than what she was spending on public transport every month; she could be paying off a new Datsun GO in 72 months.

As such, Datsun helped Mpumi and her friend Phindile tackle the final hurdle standing between her and the open road and assisted them with the driving license process.

Datsun is passionate about enabling more young professionals, such as Mpumi and Phindile, with this important steppingstone to securing their independence. As such, herewith a few tips provided to make this process a little easier:
  • The first step is to get your learner’s license. As part of this process, you need to get a K53 manual that will give you an understanding of the rules of the road. For example; road signs, command and warning signs.
  • Make your appointment for your learner’s license online (this can take up to a week) and start going through the K53 manual two weeks before your appointment. It’s advisable to choose a licensing department closest to your home.
  • As part of this process, you need to submit an eye test. To jump the queues at the licensing department, go and get your eyes tested at a private optometrist.
  • On the day of your learner’s license appointment, arrive 30-min before to calm the nerves.
  • Once you have passed your learner's license, start with driving lessons. Remember to ask your instructor for the best packages to save money.
  • Your first lesson is the most important one as this is when you understand the purpose of the controls and all the operations of the vehicle (for example; the vehicles indicators and clutch).
  • Next up, let’s get you more exposed to the open road. This step can take up to 20-hours, driver and behavior dependent.
  • Once you have confidence, make an appointment for your driver’s license.
  • Your will be required to do another eye test. Therefore, should you wish to jump the queues at the licensing department again, go to a private optometrist.
  • On the day of the test, apply and implement what you have learnt! Make sure you eat something to prevent a slump in your sugar levels, those who know say a chocolate bar is just the thing.
“We at Datsun couldn’t be more excited. Empowering aspirational youngsters like Mpumi and Phindile to get one step closer to this kind of independence is what we stand for as a business. Our vehicles are the perfect fit for them, and we aim to empower many more South Africans in the coming years,” says head of Datsun South Africa, Hideyuki Kuwayama.