• Mitsubishi Motors SA drives 5 Colour Fitness on DStv SuperSport
  • Fitness going hand in hand with Mitsubishi lifestyle vehicles
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross sets the pace for 5 Colour Fitness lifestyle
JOHANNESBURG. – Mitsubishi is unlocking a healthier you by joining a popular SuperSport fitness show to help providing South Africans with a healthier lifestyle and more family fun.

As many people took to an indoor fitness lifestyle to destress, keep fit and stay healthy at home over the last 8 months, Mitsubishi and the fitness programme 5 Colour Fitness have joined forces to bring South Africans some health and fun options indoors.

For those who parked their Mitsubishi except for short trips to the grocery store and took to the couch, played computer games and binged TV shows, temporarily set aside set their active lifestyle of going on near and far weekend adventures, living an active Mitsubishi lifestyle.

Now, with the year ending in less than a month, it has become time to prepare yourself and your vehicle for your summer holidays and take up your active lifestyle again.

“To that end, we are joining the Fitness Health Activity (FAH) project on DStv by sponsoring two of our most popular lifestyle activity vehicles, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, for the use of 5 Colour Fitness, the fitness and health show running daily on SuperSport,” says Nic Campbell, General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors South Africa.

FHA’s 5 Colour Fitness, broadcast on SuperSport Channel 209 at 07:00 and 17:00 Mondays to Fridays, starts today (Thursday 26 November) with much-needed exercise routines, particularly for people working from home. In the process Mitsubishi will help to keep viewers both mentally and physically fit.

The show, that airs for five weeks, gives viewers the opportunity to follow various qualified fitness instructors from around the country on screen and train with them at home. The exercises showcased on 5 Colour Fitness range from workouts to weight-loss regimes and include classes for beginners as well as extensive muscle building regimes.

Furthermore, the show has expanded by including a food and nutritional segment which will be a highlight for season 2. Viewers can look forward to lots of tips and advice from our trainers to be fit and eat healthy.

Berné van Zyl, executive director of FHA and who is one of the privileged drivers of a sponsored Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, says: “This is a new initiative for us, and we are so proud to see the show on SuperSport.”

FHA’s trainers are all local fitness instructors, who will take turns to drive the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to different venues all over the country.

“We are here with you every step of the way, from wellness to fitness journeys, because we believe together, we will get through anything! So, make a date with us, family and friends and let’s make each day count!” says Van Zyl.

“We have designed 5 unique paths to a better you, every colour represents a different day and trainer. You choose which personality and fitness regime you are comfortable with, so, let’s go!”

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a top-seller for MMSA, includes the new TURBO version, powered by a 1,5-litre petrol engine.

The striking Eclipse Cross brings the compact SUV into a class of its own. Combining the latest styling design with incredible driving dynamics and intuitive safety technology, this is a high-performance SUV for a new kind of driving experience.

Similar to people who dress up in the latest fashion for their exercise sessions, albeit in a gym or at home, the Eclipse Cross makes a definitive statement. In a single glance, the bold design of the Eclipse Cross range evokes a desire to get behind the wheel and drive.

The MMSA top-selling Eclipse Cross is like a fit office executive in the gym, offering a sophisticated balance between sport and style that reflects individuality. Like a fitness athlete in motion, the Eclipse Cross with its sculpted wedge shape and sharp, dynamic character lines leave an impression wherever you go.

“The Eclipse Cross’s unique styling evokes a desire to get behind the wheel and drive and fills you with confidence and total peace of mind – including being as fit and as healthy as you can be,” says Campbell.

5 Colour Fitness starts 26 November on Supersport Channel 209 at 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday.