The Mazda CX-3 is a world-class car that could not be created without one vital ingredient. Obsession. Obsession of the designers. The engineers. An obsession to carve out something that brings ingenious solutions together in exactly the right way.

To highlight this complete passion, Grey created a series of two films: stories of people that capture this same approach to what they do, and what they have become as a result. We were depicting that we don’t just showcase Mazda’s obsession in the Mazda CX-3, but that the brand connects with this quality in people.

The first film depicted the first black female pilot to come out of South Africa. The second film took a different turn. It highlighted the passion of the country’s first International Chess Master, Watu Kobese, and his achievements because of it. Achievements that go beyond awards but include his translation of modern English chess into Xhosa for the sake of the youth. He doesn’t want language to be a barrier to the beauty of the game. Kobese’s complete passion and intricate knowledge of chess and its history struck a chord with us as it is this kind of dedication and obsession that you experience every time you get behind the wheel of a Mazda CX-3.

We were inspired to choose a chess player when, as we delved into the game, we uncovered the nature of chess itself. The years it takes to perfect your play. The consideration of every move. The passion that chess players bring to the table. Chess has been known as the “Game of Kings” for 21 centuries and is arguably the most popular boardgame ever invented.

“Chess brought a humanness to a piece of communication that could easily have become just another clinical car commercial. We’re delighted with the result that Grey brought to life.” – Claudia Walters, Mazda’s Head of Marketing and Communications

“Shooting the TVC as a short, raw, authentic documentary-style piece with Kobese himself, gave us first-hand experience of the hard work and even frustration and tears that come together to get Kobese to where he is now. We were crafting something truly beautiful.” -Director, Ernest Nkosi.