RENAULT’s flagship SUV, the New Koleos boasts supreme driving comfort and all-round magnificence, distinguishable by -
  • A very distinctive and powerful design encapsulating all the stylistic cues of Renault’s distinct identity.
  • A refined interior equipped with the segment’s very best journey-enhancing features, marked by premium quality.
  • Extreme cabin comfort offering class-leading roominess.
  • Acclaimed four-wheel drive technology providing remarkable off-road capability.
  • Uncompromised safety standards, endorsed by a 5-star Euro NCAP achievement.
With its sturdy and high-end design, its comfort and its outstanding performance, the Renault Koleos has successfully established itself as an International reference in the large SUV segment.

New Koleos represents the ‘ne plus ultra’ of Renault’s high-end range, with the Senior Vice-President of Corporate Design, Laurens van den Acker’s quote aptly encapsulating the essence of this vehicle -

“New Koleos completes the styling renaissance of the Renault range that began with Clio in 2012. As a designer, the challenge was to imagine an SUV that was not only elegant, but also dynamic and modern. To achieve this, instead of diluting the traits traditionally associated with SUVs, we accentuated the segment’s familiar cues thanks to taut, powerful, horizontal lines, along with muscular haunches and high ground clearance. New Koleos subsequently exudes an inner strength. It is every inch an SUV and every inch a Renault.”

New Renault Koleos is an embodiment of Renault’s new design language with its more assertive styling and stronger presence.

While the new Koleos line has been updated, the features that favourably distinguish it from other SUVs have been retained. “The New Koleos asserts itself more than ever with its high-end look, muscular shoulders and harmonious proportions” (Ken Melville (Design Director for high-end vehicles))

The assertive stance and personality of New Koleos are accentuated by several innovative design features:
  • An even more distinctive front-end
    The front-end of the New Koleos features a more pronounced front grille, with luxurious chrome insets, extending to the chrome-underlined fog lamps. In the lower part, the bumper has a new and more impressive skid plate which accentuates the vehicle’s adventurous stance.
  • Distinctive features
    The New Koleos retains its distinctive and striking features like its chrome trim extending horizontally down the whole wing, making the front-end appear longer, with new chrome wing trims. Its C-shaped lighting signature, a strong trait common to all Renault models, gives it a strong and penetrating look. While, the high-end impression is created through its narrower body fitting and sharp creases.
  • The front and rear lights of the Koleos replicate the full LED lighting signature, that is now instantly distinguishable as part of the new Renault design language. The eye-catching C-shaped Daytime Running Lights extend beyond the headlight units themselves to create an even more forceful gaze. Dependent on the version, New Koleos is available with Pure Vision Full LED main- and dipped- beam lights. For significantly enhanced night-time visibility, this technology provides a beam that is 20 percent more powerful than that of halogen headlights. The permanently-lit tail lights feature Edge Light technology that generates a clear, bright 3D effect visible both close up and from a distance. The wide horizontal tail lights amplify the impression of width (1,840mm) and draw attention to the centrally-positioned Renault diamond. The tail lights wrap over the rear wings to further enhance its solid stance, and the chrome insert set into the lower part of the rear bumper draws ones eye naturally to the contour of the dual-exhaust tail pipes design.
  • Greater harmony between the front and rear
    The rear of the New Koleos has been redesigned, with a skid plate extending higher on the bumper and transverse chrome insets in synergy with the front end. The third stop lamp has been extended while the twin chrome exhaust pipes have been retained for a sporty touch.
  • New Alloy Wheels
    New Koleos packs all the SUV styling codes associated with the segment, including taut lines that combine a rugged stance with head-turning looks, along with side protective mouldings, and New Large-diameter 18” alloy wheels, for a more polished look.
Meticulous attention to detail has been lavished on the finish of the New Koleos cabin, including satin chrome inserts on the steering wheel, gear lever and air vents, as well as foamed materials on the dashboard and door trims.

The New Koleos is still generously proportioned and roomy, while key cabin features have been improved to enhance passenger comfort.

New Koleos’ SUV breeding is evident inside the cabin, which combines elegance and occupant protection.
  • The driving position ensures excellent visibility, an important feature for SUV buyers.
  • The high, wide, upright, tee-shaped dashboard exudes an impression of strength and a reassuring sensation of protection.
  • The large, vertical, centrally-positioned dashboard display (up to 8.7”) is fully integrated and, along with the centre console, allude to power, and all-wheel drive transmission.
  • The grab handles either side of the centre console are cues from the 4x4 motoring world and add to occupant safety whilst providing a sporty touch.
Meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the interior of the Koleos enables the well-being of passengers.
  • The use of robust, yet plush high-quality materials meets the high expectations of customers within the D-SUV segment.
  • As an example, New Koleos features a stylish satin-finish chrome for the steering wheel inserts, gear lever and air vent surrounds, along with a durable and pleasant-to-the-touch finish for the centre console. The interior also features cushion-backed materials for the dashboard and door panels.
  • The leather upholstery and leather-trimmed armrests feature contrasting top stitching.
  • Travel pleasure is further enhanced through customisable LED cabin lighting, with a palette of hues ranging from green and blue, to yellow, red or violet, to complement the mood of the driver and / or passengers.
  • Another innovative feature worthy of premium models is the front cup holder that can be chilled or heated.
Whether sitting in the front or rear, all New Koleos’ occupants are indulged when it comes to refined travelling comfort.
  • Not only are the front seats of the New Koleos extremely comfortable thanks to their enveloping design and the variable density foam, but they are deemed the very biggest in the model’s class.
  • Version dependent, the front seats come with six-way power adjustment and lumbar adjustability.
  • The centre console can slide 80mm forwards, enabling the ideal driving position to be set.
  • The curved form of the front seat-back’s shell frees up extra room for rear passengers and enhances the impression of open space.
  • Vehicle entry is facilitated by the wide aperture of the doors – amongst the widest in New Koleos’ class (front doors: 70 degrees/ rear doors 77 degrees – when fully open).
  • The design of the doors protects the sills from soiling and protects passengers clothing from getting dirty when entering or exiting the car.
It is very evident that no compromise has been made between passenger comfort and the model’s looks. Its exterior features were designed to deliver the highest standard of travelling comfort for all five occupants.
  • In addition to having one of the longest wheelbases in its class, New Koleos’ wheelbase (2,710mm/ overall length: 4,670mm) frees up record roominess for all occupants.
  • Rear passengers benefit from class-topping knee room (289mm), plus extremely generous head room, shoulder room and elbow room. This record cabin space is further complemented by a large configurable boot and numerous practical storage solutions.
  • The 464 litre boot features a convenient removable floor positioned at the same height as the sill to form a flat floor that houses a full size spare wheel.
  • Handles easily located in the boot enable the Easy Break system, allowing the 60/40-split rear bench to be folded instantly to free up an impressive total carrying capacity of 1,795 litres. New Koleos has 35 litres of additional storage around the cabin, including an 11-litre glove box and 7-litre cubby in the centre console.
The Renault Koleos rises to the challenge by offering the best technology which enables increased on-board safety, connectivity and driver ease and pleasure.

New Koleos boasts a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance systems, including Blind Spot Warning and 360 Park Assist .

Model dependent, the New Koleos is equipped with LED Pure Vision headlamps acting as both high and low beam headlights. Daytime running lights give the Koleos a unique look and at night, the technology is 20% more powerful than a standard halogen beam, significantly improving visibility. The rear day and night running lights feature Edge Light Technology which adds a 3D effect for clear and bright light, both from a distance and close up.

The New Koleos also offers a remarkable Full Screen Apple CarPlay system. The R-LINK 2 Sat Nav and Multimedia is offered in 2 screen formats (Model dependent), a 7” horizontal or 8.7” vertical screen. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the onscreen Smartphone Replication is now vertical for ease of reading, with a full-screen Apple CarPlay display. The New Koleos features a voice recognition system activated from the steering wheel in order to manage sat nav, phone calls, apps, e-mails and radio.

Both USB portals are now located under the centre console, at the base of the gear lever, for greater convenience.

The New Koleos offers real off-road capabilities, safer road-holding and outstanding reliability.

Off-road ability compatible with everyday use is in keeping with the Renault design strategy introduced by Laurens can den Acker in 2010. New Koleos is covered by the ‘EXPLORE’ design pillar, which stands for robustness and a taste for adventure.

  • This is immediately evident in the model’s ground clearance (up to 210mm), which is amongst the highest in the market.
  • New Koleos’ go-anywhere ability is boosted by its departure angles of 19 and 26 degrees respectively.
Efficient, easy-to-use 4x4 technology The ALL MODE 4x4-i transmission available for New Koleos features technology that has been proved on millions of Renault’s Alliance vehicles worldwide. This all-wheel drive system permanently monitors grip levels to guarantee optimal traction whatever the conditions. Unlike many competitor models, New Koleos continues to feature a control switch that allows drivers to choose the transmission mode. Very easy to use, it is situated to the right of the steering wheel and enables the driver to select one of three modes, namely 2WD, 4WD AUTO or the exclusive 4WS LOCK.
  • In 2WD mode, New Koleos runs with front-wheel drive, irrespective of the conditions, for optimized fuel consumption.
  • In 4WD AUTO mode, the ALL MODE 4x4-i system permanently analyses conditions and grip levels and uses the information provided by its sensors to calculate the ideal front/rear torque split. Up to 50 percent of available torque can be transmitted to the rear wheels if necessary.
  • When travelling off-road or in conditions where grip is at a premium, such as mud, dirt or sand, the 4WD LOCK mode allows the driver to engage permanent four-wheel drive at speeds of less than 40kph to distribute available torque equally between the front and rear axles (50/50). This mode is automatically disengaged at speeds of more than 40kph, or when the engine is re-started.
In addition to enhancing New Koleos’ off-road ability, ALL MODE 4x4-i transmission delivers more dynamic performance plus greater stability and enhanced safety.
  • In 4WD AUTO mode, sensors permanently monitor both longitudinal and lateral acceleration, as well as steering angles.
  • This information is processed to optimize front/rear torque split (from 100/0 to 50/50) to provide the most efficient grip possible and eliminate understeer and oversteer.
Advanced CVT Transmission X-Tronic automatic transmission was designed to deliver greater driving enjoyment and reduced fuel consumption compared with conventional automatic transmissions. Its benefits range from instant response when accelerating rapidly, to a smooth, quieter ride and optimized fuel consumption at constant speeds.
  • Unlike former CVT transmissions, New Koleos’ X-Tronic transmission performs more like a multi-ratio automatic whenever the driver needs to accelerate quickly.
  • At the same time, this continuously variable transmission ensures seamless gear shifts when accelerating slightly, as in heavy traffic, for example.
  • Thanks to its variable ratios, X-Tronic transmission proposes an infinite number of gears to ensure that engine revs and load are constantly optimized for efficient fuel consumption and low noise levels.
  • The driver also has the option to select a seven-speed sequential mode to benefit from engine braking.
A global project plus proven durability. Within development phase, New Renault Koleos went through extreme testing of thousands of hours of static and dynamic tests designed to ensure the model complied with Renault’s high standards and confirm its reliability. In total, New Koleos was put through its paces with more than 1,100,000km of intensive testing.

New Koleos’ natural elegance is further complemented through the sophisticated body colour selection available, i.e. Solid White, Ultra Silver, Dune Beige, Titanium Grey, Cosmo Blue and Metallic Black, and the wheel designs available – 18” Argonaute Alloy wheels on the Expression Model & 18” Two-Tone Alloy wheels on the Dynamique versions.

New Renault Koleos is available in two trim levels – Expression and Dynamique, with comprehensive specs from the base level upwards.

New Koleos is powered by a 2.5 Petrol Engine CVT (4x2 & 4x4), with a power output of 126kW, 233Nm of Torque, CO2 emissions of 188g/100km and controlled fuel consumption from 8.8litres/100km.

Peace of Mind is guaranteed with the New Renault Koleos. As is the case across Renault’s entire product range, the New Renault Koleos comes standard with a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty; plus, a 5-year/ 90 000km service plan and a 6-year anticorrosion warranty, with service intervals at 15 000km.

KOLEOS Expression 2.5 CVT 4x2 R424 900 (incl. VAT)
KOLEOS Dynamique 2.5 CVT 4x2 R474 900 (incl. VAT)
KOLEOS Dynamique 2.5 CVT 4x4 R514 900 (incl. VAT)

Metallic paint: R 2 522
Adjustable Leather seats (Expression Model) R12 000