Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM), in partnership with Vodacom, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new streaming service to Toyota Connect and Lexus Connect: MyEntertainment. Packaged under MyEntertainment are Vodacom’s Video Play (video streaming) and My Muze (music streaming) services, that offer Toyota and Lexus customers an improved ownership experience with enhanced connectivity and added value.

Video Play offers local and international entertainment on the go – providing customers with access to movies, series, and music videos (via a streaming device). My Muze, in turn, opens up a world of local and international music to be enjoyed anywhere. A standout feature is the ability to use these streaming services independently of the vehicle, thereby not limiting them to in-vehicle usage.

The video and streaming services are available as part of Toyota and Lexus’ connectivity services, Toyota/Lexus Connect. Launched more than a year ago, the technology enables the driver and passengers a myriad of convenience features including in-car Wi-Fi and safety benefits. All-new Toyota and Lexus models are prepared for the use of Toyota/Lexus Connect.

Once linked to the MyToyota/MyLexus App via Toyota/Lexus Connect, owners can make on-demand service bookings, retrieve vehicle usage information (logbook), renew vehicle licences, review tracking data, request roadside assistance, and more. Now with the introduction of MyEntertainment, customers have the option of activating either a 15Gb data bundle, 10Gb with 2-month free Video Play streaming, or 10Gb with 3-month free My Muze, when they purchase a new vehicle.

As before, bespoke top-up data packages are available once the initial complimentary data is depleted. The new streaming services will go live in December 2020.
  • TSAM would like to acknowledge its Toyota/Lexus Connect partners Altron (a subsidiary of Netstar) and Vodacom Business for their continued support.